India launches artificial satellites

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) conducted the first mission to launch artificial satellites in 2022. The Earth observation satellite EOS-04 and two small satellites were launched into the intended orbit using the PSLV-C52 rocket. The EOS-04 satellite was launched into the planned sun-synchronous polar orbit at an altitude of 529 kilometers.

This is the first launch of a satellite constellation under the chairmanship of S. Somanath, who became a head of the Indian Space Research Organization in January 2022.

The EOS-04 satellite is a radar imaging satellite. It is designed for high-quality imaging applications in the field of weather monitoring, soil moisture monitoring, hydrological situations etc. Its service life is 10 years.

The flight was the 54th mission of the PSLV launch vehicle and the 23rd with the use of the PSLV-XL modification.