Strengthening of economic cooperation between Russia and India

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Morgulov declare that Moscow will increase cooperation with the countries of the East and other states that have not joined the sanctions. This reorientation of Moscow’s external strategy is an objective process.

The share of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region in the foreign trade of the Russian Federation has increased many times since 2010 and today exceeded 30%. Driving factor of this process is the fact that the Asia-Pacific region is turning into a leader in world economic development.

Dynamically developing economies are interested in filling the vacated sectors in the Russian market and supplying a wide range of Russian goods such as fertilizers, metals, energy resources, engineering, high-quality food, etc.

Igor Morgulov noted that India, China, Indonesia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other countries of Southeast Asia are among the states with which Russia is forming a basis for increasing cooperation.