Modernization of the Russian helicopter Ka-226T for India

General Director of the Russian Helicopters Holding Andrey Boginsky during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Ka-226T light helicopter had been modernized for the Republic of India. As a result of processing, the machine was lightened by 400 kg for use in the mountains.

«Indo-Russian Helicopters Limited» a joint venture of the Russian Helicopters Holding, Rosoboronexport and the Indian corporation HAL was created to implement a project to localize the production of Ka-226T helicopters in India in May 2017.

In 2015, an intergovernmental agreement was signed between the Russian Federation and the Republic of India on the supply of light helicopters Ka-226T to the Indian side and the localization of their production in India. According to the document Russia have to provide 60 units of equipment and organize the localization of production at the level of 50-70% to create 140 vehicles in India.

The Russian side also offered the Indian Government to consider the possibility of producing the sea version of the Ka-226T at Indian enterprises.