India opens borders for tourists from Russia

The Government of the Republic of India began allowing fully vaccinated foreign tourists to enter the country from 15th of November, 2021. The main condition for entry is the recognition of the vaccine by the World Health Organization. The list of countries includes Russia, France, USA, Germany, Georgia, Great Britain and etc. In addition, those countries with whom the Republic of India signed an agreement on the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates were also included.

Foreign tourists need to upload the vaccination certificate, as well as the result of a PCR test for coronavirus, taken no more than 72 hours, to the official website of New Delhi International Airport before traveling to India.

The Russian vaccine «Sputnik V» is produced by several pharmaceutical companies in India and is approved for use.

The Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of India is going to issue tourist visas to foreign citizens arriving to India on charter flights from 15th of December, 2021. Since March 2020, the country was closed for tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic.