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Indian pharmaceutical plant to be built in Kursk

23 Jun 2018 Russia India Pharma
Factory of pharmaceutical company ZEE Laboratories Ltd. will be built in Kursk. The first investment in construction will be $ 10 million,the period of construction before the launch is about two years. In addition to income to the treasury of the region, the plant will provide about 300 jobs. "We want to place this plant in Kursk for the import substitution program, mainly they will be engaged in the production of medicines for the treatment of hepatitis, liver diseases and oncological drugs. And now it depends on us how quickly we will provide them documentation for this, invest and build, "said Abhay Singh, president of the Indian-Russian Commonwealth and Cultural Communication, deputy of the Kursk City Assembly.

ZEE Laboratories Ltd. was founded in India in 1994, exports pharmaceutical products to 35 countries
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