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India plans to conduct joint exercises with the Baltic Fleet

Commander of the Baltic Fleet Alexander Nosatov met with Commodore Manish Chadkh, the Naval Attaché at the Indian Embassy in Russia. He expressed a desire to conduct joint exercises, as well as participate in the celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy.
"At a protocol meeting at the headquarters of the Baltic Fleet, the Russian and Indian sides discussed issues of naval cooperation between the two countries in the field of joint exercises at sea," the press service of the Baltic Fleet reported.
During the meeting, the high level of interaction between the Russian and Indian fleets was noted.
"At the meeting, the Russian and Indian delegations discussed the interaction of the two countries in the construction of warships for the Indian Navy, at Russian shipyards, as well as their tests, which are being carried out in the sea ranges of the Baltic Sea," the press service commented.
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