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II Russian Week Film

17 Nov 2020 Russia Festival
Date: 20-27 November 2020 II Russian Film Week in Singapore.
Format: Online
Organizers: Russia-Singapore Business Council and Foundation Within the Family with the assistance of State Corporation Rostec.
The opening ceremony will be held in the form of a teleconference: Singapore Moscow. The leading Russian actors, directors and scriptwriters of theater and cinema, some of them are the owners and nominees of the leading film awards, will appear on the Red carpet of the festival. Internationally famous Russian directors and actors such as Pavel Chukhrai, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pyotr Fedorov, Gosha Kutsenko, Andrey Merzlikin, Yulia Peresild, Victoria Iskhakova, Anna Chipovskaya, Vladimir Epifantsev and others will be Guests of honor of the II Russian Film Week.
The novelty of this film festival is that the opening ceremony and movie screenings will be broadcast live on the social networks and on the Platform RSTrade. In Singapore the ceremony and film screenings will be held in the Centre for Overseas Promotion of Russian High Technology Companies and Presentation of Investment Projects.
20 November at 16.3 (IST) Opening Ceremony
20 November after the Opening Ceremony Battle of Sevastopol
21 November at 17.3 (IST) I am Teacher
22 November at 17.3 (IST) Sobibor*
23 November at 17.3 (IST) The Balkan Line
24 November at 17.3 (IST) Green Carriage
25 November at 17.3 (IST) Indestructible
26 November at 17.3 (IST) Saving Leningrad*
*Will only be available in Singapore
Link tolivestream will be available on the Platform: according to the film schedule.
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