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Exports between Russia and India are on the increase

27 Jun 2018 India Russia Trade
According to the trade mission of the Russian Federation in India, exports between countries for the period from January to April 2018 grew by 40.1% compared to the same period in 2017 and amounted to about 2.2 billion US dollars. A special growth was shown by separate groups of products: beans, seeds oil-bearing crops, radar and navigation equipment. The export of these goods has grown tens of times. Overall trade between Russia and India grew by 29.1% in January-April 2017 on the same period last year, to amount to about 3.2 billion US dollars. Russia’s imports from India increased by 10.7%, to 1.02 billion US dollars. Imports from India increased by 10.7% to 1.02 billion US dollars. Both countries are following the planned rates to increase trade by the end of 2025 to 30 billion US dollars.
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