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A joint venture between India and Russia will produce a newer Kalashnikov.

24 Jan 2019 Russia India Military
The director general of the Kalashnikov concern, Vladimir Dmitriev, told about plans for joint production with the Indian Ordnance Factory Board in an interview with RIA Novosti. According to him, it will not be a "weave", but a model similar to the more perfect two hundredth series. Indian industry has already mastered the machines of the older generation.
“Literally in the last days of 2018, our specialists once again went to Delhi for talks. I personally met with representatives from the Indian side, Rostec, Rosoboronexport and FSMTC, we are really discussing the potential production of the Kalashnikov in India.  We must formulate the main parameters of this plant by the end of January 2019,. We must understand that the Indians are already producing a product that they have mastered on their own, we are, in fact, invited first of all in order to improve the quality, "- said him.
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