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21 aug 2020
The Carpet Export Promotion Council is an apex body set up by Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India for export promotion of Handmade Carpets and other floor coverings
The first Virtual Exhibition for 5 days 40th INDIA CARPET EXPO VIRTUAL
EXHIBITION from 21st to 25th August, 2020 as an alternative to the physical fairs during COVID-19.
It is a great and unique opportunity for the overseas Buyers to reach out to Indian Suppliers all
over India for ensuring business continuity during COVID-19.
Main features of the Virtual Exhibition:
Anywhere any time the show will run on the website and will be accessed at web browser and
mobile application including IOS and android using innovative interactive technology creating user
friendly 3D immersive virtual experience/environment.
Seamless match making opportunity (pre-scheduled/approved meetings).
Availability of Company and product videos to enhance the experience of the buying/sourcing.
Chat and video conferencing facility to help easy interactions.
Artificial Intelligence Driven Matchmaking for Exhibitors as per their requirements.
Private Meeting rooms, personalized schedules & Mobile App support.
Products displayed with detailed specifications to facilitate sourcing.
Webinars bringing speakers/experts to enhance knowledge and decision making.
The online platform is totally secured and all data related to products and Exhibitors will be
visible only to the Buyer.
Online Chats & meetings with Exhibitors will also be totally secured and visible only to the
For the success of the Expo and in the interest of the industry in particular and overall interest
of the Nation in general, we would request you to disseminate the information about 40th INDIA
CARPET EXPO VIRTUAL EXHIBITION from 21st to 25th August, 2020 amongst leading buyers
of Handmade Carpets and other floor coverings in the region under your jurisdiction.