Business Council
for Cooperation with India

Mr. Sergey Cheremin, Chairman of the Board of the Business Council for cooperation with India: On behalf of the Business Council for Cooperation with India and “RUSSIA & INDIA: Partnership For The Future” magazine, I am glad to welcome the participants in the V Russian-Indian Forum on Trade and Investment. These days, we are celebrating our forum’s first jubilee. Over the past years it has turned into an authoritative venue for exchanging views between top government officials, entrepreneurs and experts. Vital aspects of mutually advantageous cooperation between the two counties are discussed at our events in Russia and India in an open, free, comprehensive and in-depth manner.

Photo: Major of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Activity and International Relations, Chairman of the Board of the Business Council for cooperation with India Sergei Cheremin

As a rule, the forum takes place before important political events. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will come to Moscow in December on a state visit. Active top-level contacts indicate that trade and economic relations between our countries, underpinned by strong long-term political, public and humanitarian ties, are on the rise and embrace more and more new spheres. But the potential of our cooperation is far from being fully tapped yet. It is inexhaustible.

This issue of the magazine analyses the current state of bilateral trade and economic cooperation and looks for new areas where Russian and Indian entrepreneurs could apply their knowledge and experience. I have no doubt that the materials we are offering will be useful to all participants in the V Russian-Indian Forum on Trade and Investment. Our historical articles can be interesting and provide an insight into India’s politics now and in the years to come.

Military-technical cooperation and joint work in such fields as atomic power, nanotechnologies, space exploration, telecommunications and pharmaceutics are areas where Russia and India can use their advanced scientific and industrial capabilities. Considering the importance of the upcoming events, we tried to select the most relevant and useful information concerning Russian-Indian relations since our previous issue. I am confident that the opinions of our readers, experts and companies will certainly be taken into account when making new issues and will help us reflect all current trends in Russia and India objectively.