Business Council
for Cooperation with India

Georgy G. Petrov Vice-President of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
 On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, I extend my sincere greetings to the participants in the joint session of the Business Council for Cooperation with India (BCCI) and the Indo-Russian business Council, as well as the 4th session of the bilateral Trade and Investment Forum. Allow me to express confidence that these meetings will become an important event in stepping up and intensifying cooperation between the business circles of our countries.


The annual trade and investment forums have already become traditional, and the number of their participants grows year in and year out. Aside from establishing numerous contacts, they have the opportunity to present their cooperation proposals to potential partners in the most modern branches of the economy.

Over the year that has passed since the BCCI was reformed, its activity has been overhauled dramatically. BCCI is becoming an effective instrument of assisting our companies in entering India’s markets and stepping up their activity in that country. It is making considerable efforts to resolve one of the most complex problems, which businesspersons of both countries encounter – the lack or insufficiency of business information.

It gives me special pleasure to talk about it from the pages of the first issue of the information and analytical magazine titled “Russia and India: Partnership for the Future,” prepared and published at BCCI’s initiative and through its efforts. I hope that the materials it contains will be interesting and useful to business people of both countries.

Dear colleagues, I wish you success and prosperity.